Lorraine’s letter got printed!


A particular part of the editorial column in the Arran Banner of 27 January offended my wife enough to inspire her to write a response, something which she’s never done before. This column seems to be written by, shall we say, a gentleman of some years, and is generally insightful and always well written. His views seem rather antiquated, but I and my wife seem to share them to a large extent. This time though, Lorraine disagreed with his views strongly enough to respond.

The article is to the left, but here is the part that cause offence:

Education can give knowledge but it cannot alter human nature, unless, as in the raising of children, it is delivered as a short sharp smack.

Lorraine is firmly opposed to smacking and explains her views rather well in her response. I’m proud of her for having the courage and belief to write her response and ever so pleased that the Banner published it.

Lorraine’s letter

As to her views, she has more or less brought me round to her way of thinking, which is just as well as she would not tolerate my views if I felt as strongly as she does in favour of smacking. Her arguments make a lot of sense, but I do find myself at times fighting my instincts to smack. I was smacked and am one of those who defends it by claiming that “it never did me any harm”. On the other hand, I’m not sure that it did me any good either. But who can say for certain? Not I. Food for thought I guess, but I’m so proud of Lorraine for writing in.