MacBook: the saga

This follows on from my excited post about my new MacBook.

So I did bunk off and nip into town yesterday to pick up my new MacBook, just as I knew I would. I had to get up at 6 am so that I could do that.

I arrived at the shop, presented my invoice and they collected the computer for me. While it was sitting on the counter, I asked why the 2 GB of RAM I ordered as an upgrade was on top of the box and not in the computer. They said that I would have to remove the existing RAM modules and replace them with the bigger ones. “So what do I do with the old RAM then?” was my obvious response. To which they replied something along the lines of “whatever”.

So I called for the manager and had him explain to me that they would install it for me for a mere 49 euros. Bear in mind that this is a five-minute job, which makes the hourly charge for switching RAM 588 euros. Hmmm. But then they explained that, if they were to do that, they could keep the old RAM and deduct that from the price. Forgive me for being presumptious, but I just assumed that that is what they would have done in the first place. The overall result would be that I would pay 90 euros less, even taking into account the 49 euro charge. So I came home empty handed and dejected, and had to get up at 6 again this morning so I can make the trip into town again today.

When I got home, I examined the original invoice and the updated one to take into account the 49 euro charge and deduction. That’s when I began to get really confused. The original invoice had the RAM listed at 154 euros; the updated one had it listed as 271.42. So I sent an email to the shop asking that they explain the pricing and also to let them know how disappointed I was about the whole thing.

I’m going back in to town in about an hour to pick it up and will hopefully get some good service (not common in Luxembourg I’m sad to say). Dare I start to get excited again?