Morning photo shoot of Hamish

I spent an hour or so this morning doing Freya’s alphabet puzzle with her on the floor of the bedroom while Hamish entertained himself on the bed. It gave me an interesting perspective for taking shots of him so I grabbed the camera with the 50mm f/1.8 lens and took a few shots when the opportunities presented themselves. I got a few nice ones and did some RAW conversions in Lightroom.

I’m learning that even a shutterspeed of 1/50 with that lens is not always fast enough for handholding the camera. I really must get a new tripod (I’m after a Gitzo actually, as it seems to be the general consensus that tripods can be a one-time purchase if one gets it right from the start). Well, maybe 1/50 would be fast enough for subjects that don’t move quite so much as a 16-month old!

Next time I may try using shutter priority mode and switch on the auto ISO feature, but I do like controlling the aperture. Maybe I could even venture into … manual mode! We’ll see.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. If you click through on the photos, you’ll get to my flickr page where I’ve added a short description of each photo.

Sharp eyes
Aged Photo look
Greyscale conversion
Sepia boy
Funny face