mp3eme VOX: There Are No Words



Music: A composition for one or more instruments, usually without vocal accompaniment

Notice the above definition says “usually without vocal…”
…so I guess its ok to have a bit of vocal in your choice…but try to keep it to a minimum.


Couldn’t resist posting another of these. I love the mp3emes; it really gets me thinking about my collection and what I’d like to share.Andygeek’s post of Sur le Fil brought Anouar Brahem to mind. I read a review of this CD in the Acoustic Guitar magazine of all things (I say “of all things” as it’s not really an acoustic guitar CD) and was intrigued enough to download a few samples. That was enough to send me scurrying off to Amazon to buy the CD. I just listened to it again on a long drive and it really is an excellent CD. If you like Yann Tiersen, give Anouar Brahem a go!Zarabanda

Anouar Brahem