Music on Arran

Man, it’s been a while since I last posted an entry. Such is life right now and I miss the socialising on Vox.

Anyway, I’m just back from a great night of playing music at Pirnmill Village Hall on the other side of the island. Just a few folk, seven in total, and an array of acoustic instruments and it was truly a wonderful night. I knew that there was a lively music scene on the island before we moved here, but it’s taken me a while to figure it out and become part of it. It’s finally beginning to happen though and the scene is getting better than it ever was. It’s a great time for music on the island and hopfeully I’ll be able to expand my business in this area. I do stock some guitar strings and Tortis picks, but I should like to expand a bit into fiddle and mandolin strings, maybe banjo, more picks and that sort of thing.

My accompaniment is starting to sound quite good and I’m getting a bit better at using the capo so that I can play different chord voicings from the other players. And I’m enjoying playing the mandolin a lot now too.

There’s a folk night every Tuesday, also on the other side of the island, and the Saturday thing is every other week. It’s the same people that go to both so I’m really getting to know them and to feel comfortable playing with them. And it can only get better 🙂