Nativity scene


T’was the weekend before Christmas, and high time indeed to get the nativity scene set up. The stables are there all year round, jam packed with wooden animals that Freya really enjoys playing with. The nativity characters are a new addition. We cleared away many of the non-suitable nativity animals (I myself was chided when attempting to include a hippo) and organised a treasure hunt around the living room. Freya took great delight in finding the nativity characters hidden under and behind various bits of living room furnishings.

Where shall I put these?

We had a lot of fun setting it up and Freya really enjoyed herself. She doesn’t really get what it’s all about yet, but she can certainly sense that something is happening and is getting excited. She said a couple of weeks ago that she “wanted to go to Santa”.

She also enjoys pointing out all the Santas that are hanging from the wall’s of people’s houses on the way to and from the forest creche. When I was young we counted Christmas trees, but now there are Santas hanging off the walls all over the place.

Putting Jesus in the manger


We’ve struggled really hard to keep a mince pie fully in tact so that we can put it out on Christmas Eve for Santa. I was planning to get some more from Little Britain tomorrow, but the word on the street is that they’re close to being sold out. Hopefully they’ll have a nice Christmas stocking too, as Freya doesn’t have one. Shocking, huh?