Nerd on site?

I’ve been troubleshooting PCs for years now, starting from Windows 98. I am now wondering whether there is any opportunity of making some extra income from offering repair and upgrade services on our little island. That got me wondering about Nerds on Site, a sponsor of Security Now! it could be a good thing, although I tend to think that, being island based, it may not be the proper solution for me personally. If I were in Glasgow, maybe.

Nerds on site aside, I do think that I have something to offer in this space. I am up-to-date with tech in the PC realm at least and can usually diagnose hardware and Windows issues, offer back-up solutions and set up broadband connections / email etc.

Could be a good way of bringing in supplemental income. Only trouble is that there is a guy doing that sort of thing already and he’s a decent enough bloke. Ah well, a bit of competition never hurt anybody, right?