No more nappies?

I don’t want to speak too soon, but on Saturday, Freya decided that she wanted to wear pants. She had a couple of accidents on Saturday but did successfully make it to the toilet on a couple of occasions. Sunday was better still. On Monday afternoon, it was time for the crèche. She was adamant that she wanted to wear pants, so we agreed. I was concerned that she wouldn’t ask one of the carers to go pee-pee while they were playing outside . As soon as she arrived, she found her best friend there and showed her her pants. It was really quite funny to see them both standing there showing each other their pants! I gave the carers a spare pair of pants and trousers to take with them when they went into the forest to play for the afternoon.

When I went back to pick her up in the evening, she was still wearing the same trousers that she was wearing when I dropped her off. “Surely not”, I thought. But yes! She asked one of the carers and did pee-pee in the forest! Hooray!

Today’s been fine as well and I’m going to pick her up in about a half-hour. I really think we’ve cracked it this time! It’s good timing as she starts précoce (nursery school) in mid-September.

It’s actually our fourth attempt, but she just wasn’t having it before. In fact, it was about a year ago that we tried the first time, to get her ready for starting the forest crèche. Just shows that no two kids are alike and everything takes its own time.

Lorraine will be happy that her nappy washes will now be cut in half!