Open mike slot all to myself!

There was an article in the local paper a few weeks ago about the Arran Youth Foundation. They got hold of a portacabin and did it up for the local youth club to use and they were looking for volunteers. I had the idea of starting an open mike night. It seems like a good idea all round. I’ve got a mixer, amp, cables etc and it’s just the sort of thing that I’m sure I would have enjoyed as a kid.

Tonight was the first one and I’m sorry to say that nobody at all turned up. I’m sure it was just a lack of knowledge so I’m going to persevere for a few weeks. I stayed on for the advertised time and basically turned it into a practice session. I got my Spirit mixer a couple of years ago from a friend in return for fixing his computer and I’d never used it before. It has 8 inputs and phantom power. I was a little concerned that my 60w AER amp wouldn’t be enough, but my fears were unfounded; the portacabin is not very big and the amp fills the room without any problem. I had my guitar going straight into the mixer and then to the amp and it actually sounded pretty good. So it seems even less likely that I will make much use of my Mama Bear preamp and I might as well sell it. It was a lot of fun playing plugged in and with my SM58 vocal mike, the vocals sounded good too.

I’ll send an advert in to the what’s on section in the local paper tomorrow and try and get the word to spread at the school as well. Next week I hope to be posting a different story!