Our first day at the mobile cinema

The RBS Screen Machine comes to our island every other month and it’s here right now showing, amongst other things, Madagascar 2. Freya’s never been to the cinema, but now she’s nearly 5 I reckon it’s time. So we’ve been promising her that we’d take ‘if she’s good’.

Imagine my dismay to discover that there were no tickets left. Of course leaving it until the day before the showing to book them isn’t really a good idea, so I shall learn from that particular mistake. So I dashed round before last night’s showing to see if I could buy tickets at the door, only to be told that, yes, there were a handful kept aside and sold on a first-come, first-served basis. But, getting there early is just not an option. It would be difficult enough to get there for 2.00 pm when the film starts. But they guy at the door was most helpful and said to come along anyway and he would see what he could do.

Just lost the rest of the post that I’d written because Vox decided to browse to the photo I’d put at the top in the text-entry field and then presented me with an empty field when I hit the back button. Thank you Vox.

We saw Madagascar 2 and it was very good. There. That was the gist of it.