It’s been an amazing weekend for photography. I’m working through Zack Arias’s Onelight v2.0 videos on lighting and have ordered a lightstand, umbrella, cold shoe adapter and umbrella bracket. These videos are really great and I’m gonna start putting my SB800 flash to use. It’s exciting.

On Saturday morning, I caught a post on G+ with a link to an episode of The Grid entitled The Power of the Unsolicited Critique, where they spoke about photographer Regina Pagles and how she felt crushed by an unsolicited critique of her work. It was an interesting episode of a show I’d never seen before and I really enjoyed it, but the best part of it was that I discovered Regina Pagles photography through it. Her work is amazing, but not only that; she also takes time to share her thought processes and technical data. It’s really something.

Regina Pagles

Regina Pagles
Regina Pagles' Flickr

So I was shooting with Hamish on Saturday, grabbing a few shots and figuring out some things with my SB800 flash and getting some pretty decent results, even if I do say so myself!

I was posting some shots from that shoot on Flickr this morning and clicked on Hamish’s tag to get all my images of him, but Flickr now defaults to showing Everyone’s pictures with that tag and I got a page full of Hamish shots where two photographers’ pictures really stood out. And they are amazing! I’ve spent the last half hour looking through their photostreams and it’s made me feel that fluttery feeling inside of disovering art that’s evocative, moving and inpsiring.

Michelle Dupont

Michelle Dupont (mistybliss)
Michelle Dupont's Flickr
Michelle is doing a 365 of portraits of what I assume is her daughter and I’m inspired to do the same thing when my present 365 reaches its conclusion in July (still can’t believe I’ve managed to keep it going this long!). I shall look at Michelle’s and Paul McGee’s and Regina Pagles’ photostreams for inspiration and hope to grow even more as a photographer!

Paul McGee

Paul McGee
Paul McGee's Flickr

What really stands out for me with Paul’s work is his use of lens flare. I would love to learn how to do this, so I’m really pleased that Paul doesn’t strip out his EXIF data! His street shots in Glasgow are AMAZING!