Post Office progress

We got some documentation through on Friday. My good pal Graeme (current postmaster at Prestwick PO) sent me the business plans that he used (one for the bank and one for the PO) and it’s been a great help.

I spoke to the seller for over an hour on Friday night and got a lot more information from her to get me started on the business plan. Thankfully I’ve started making phone calls using Skype, the advantages of which are twofold: firstly, it’s cheaper than by regular phone (€0.017 per minute), and secondly, I can record the calls. Having recordings is a great thing as I don’t have to sit on the call writing illegible notes and failing to listen properly because I’m scribbling on the notepad.

We also got some business loan info from the Royal Bank of Scotland, including some software on a CD ROM for creating a business plan. I spent all my at-home time over the weekend poring over the material and trying to put the business plan together. It’s now Monday and it’s not yet complete. I have had to ask Janice another few questions (I’ve just sent her an e-mail) and also Derek at the RBoS (who just happens to be off this week – it figures). So I’ll give my Graeme a call tonight and see if he can help me with my queries. The business plan that he submitted to his lender (not the same as mine) is a lot less detailed than the one that will be generated by the RBS software.

I hope that it will be ready to send by mid week, so that it is on Derek’s desk when he gets back from wherever he happens to be. That means it really needs to be completed by Wednesday morning. I would also like to have had it looked over by a friend of an accountant friend of ours, but I’m not sure how likely that is, given that it’s a friend of a friend and the tight timescale. Well, I guess it’s not that tight; the seller intimated that there are other interested parties but didn’t say as much outright. But it is in our interests to act as quickly as possible in order to be in the position to make an offer before anyone else does.

Watch this space.