Post Office Restructuring

Now that the closure plan is complete and I’m still standing – just, it’s time to consider the future.

Post Office Ltd has launched a restructuring plan. I had the choice of:

  • staying as I am
  • switching to the new model
  • walking away with compensation

I have to say that it was very tempting to walk away, very tempting indeed. However the thought that I would end up working in the Co-op kind of put me off! Seriously though, my accountant persuaded me that I should consider the premises as an asset to be leveraged against my computer repair business. And that makes sense. The fact that I have a business premises in the main village on the island is quite important for a business.

So I opted for the new model, which means I will either be selected as a Post Office Local or a Post Office Main. I’m not quite sure what that involves yet; a field change adviser will be visiting me soon to talk over the branch specifics. The main attractions are the ‘enhanced’ remuneration (whatever that might mean) and the investment grant. If I can refurb the shop, it will help the business immensely. And it will allow me to change the retail stock around as well.

So now I wait for the Post Office bods to come and tell me what’s what before I make my decision.