Preparing for easier life

I’m slowly preparing myself for what feels like a transition. But is it really?

My consumption of content is increasing; I’m reading more and more RSS feeds and listening to more podcasts. A lot of that is cross pollination, for example:

  1. I listen to a bunch of podcasts
  2. Those podcast hosts talk about Web sites…
  3. and apps
  4. I like what I hear and want to use said apps, whether I have a real need for them or not
  5. I learn about apps, for example the nvALT and Simplenote marriage, OmniFocus or Pinboard

So I go through those phases, learning a little about each app and not enough for them to be useful. So this next fortnight I

  • really will get through Kourosh Dini’s OmniFocus book.
  • I will learn how to use nvALT and Simplenote for synchronised note-taking.
  • Finish Deadly Harvest
  • Figure out where to put ‘marked’ things to read (Instapaper? nvALT/Simplenote? Evernote? Pinboard?)
  • Tell my wife I love her every day

So it’s all rather overwhelming to be honest. Where does work and family fit in? It’s a tough thing to figure out. Imagine where I’d be if I were drinking though? Then I guess I’d be having different problems.

And how about achievements?

  • I’ve learned the basics of Markdown
  • I’ve tagged and consolidated my music library
  • I’ve consolidated my photo library and am watching it go into the cloud before I get the syncing figured out
  • I’ve moved the blog and have made progress on moving the CGT Web site as well;
  • I’ve redesigned Sunbane and am now pleased to visit it; I’m also enjoying very much the use of MarsEdit for posting

I think getting into the OmniFocus routine as I have with the banking-every-day routine will help me to get a bunch of stuff out of my head and into the system. I so understand where all this is meant to get me, but I can’t help feeling that most of my productive time is being spent learning how to be more productive, rather than actually being productive. You see?