Stephen Fry

So Stephen Fry has a blog. What a find! This is a man who knows his [uninterested][1] from his _disinterested_. In short, he knows how to write and how to use the English language as it ought to be used and it’s a real pleasure to read his prose.

But that aside, it’s the content that is king and _what_ content it is. This particular post relates partially to the iPhone and generally to Stephen’s love of tech gadgets. It’s just about the best review of the iPhone that I have read, although he says himself that it is not a review.

I knew from watching the recent BBC documentary narrated by Stephen about bi-polar disorder (of which Stephen is a sufferer) that, not only is he a compulsive shopper, but also a Mac addict. As [Merlin Mann][2] might put it, he certainly seems to have _some skin in the game_ where the iPhone is concerned. Recommended reading.