500px vs Flickr

I just signed up for a 500px account and, after 10 minutes of browsing, I’m sold! The interface blows Flickr out the water. Even the official Lightroom plug-in is way better than the Flickr one.

Interestingly, a prominent tech blogger recently wrote about what a good idea it would be if Yahoo! were to buy 500px and make it the new Flickr.

[Brooks Review]

The suckiness of Flickr has put me off socialising online with the local camera club I’m in. Good software and sites draw me into the hobby. For me, the tech comes first, at least in photography anyway.

But, I have a Flickr Pro account and some real actual friends on there, so switching to a new service seems a bit silly. It’s all about the interface for me though. I mean nobody reads this blog and I have friends who follow my Facebook. But I don’t use Facebook much, partly because the interface is kind of crappy and I’d rather host my own content.


My 500px page