Back from the Doctor’s

Both kids went to visit the paediatrician today. Both have a viral infection at the top of the chest. This is why Hamish’s bronchitis was not clearing up, although his lungs are now clear, thankfully. Freya also has some fluid in her ear that’s causing her some discomfort.

They’re both growing well. Freya is now over a metre tall (104 cm) and 16 kg; Hamish is 72 cm and 8 kg.

We kept Freya home from the Forest crèche today and she’s had a fun afternoon doing glue pictures with feathers, a parrot from grandma and some Christmas stickers. We also went a run to a hardware shop to try and get a part from the broken ladders up to the attic. We were sent there from another shop on Friday, only to find it was closed until today. The shop we visit today sent us to another shop which, of course, is not open until tomorrow. I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever get back up to my office!