News update

Lorraine put her back out somehow in her sleep the night before last and is now at the doctor yet again. Her bronchitis also sounds worse than ever. She’s really not having a good time of it at all at the moment.

Thankfully the kids seem okay; the coughs are almost better now and they’re both happy.
Arran wise, progress is slow. I almost completed the RBS business plan template and had Lorraine help me with it. She pointed out that the parts I was stuck with were because they didn’t really fit with the type of business we’re looking at — I guess that’s the problem with templates. So we’ve decided to send the Post Office business plan to the bank instead of the RBS one. I did about half of it yesterday and hope to complete it this afternoon.
Arjun and Marina are coming to visit on Friday for the weekend and I’m really looking forward to seeing them.
Time to change some nappies. I hope to get another couple of blog entries done soon; there are a couple on the boil…

Hamish has a rash

The poor wee man, he developped a rash yesterday and it’s no better today. He seems fine otherwise, apart from his ever-lasting bronchial cough. He’s going to the doctor tomorrow with his big sister (who also has a bronchial cough).

Back from the doctor’s

It turns out that Hamish has got a bronchial infection. He has a baby inhaler (looks like a weapon from Star Wars!), suppositories and syrup, and 8 sessions of physio for clapping, or something like that. It loosens the phlegm apparently by clapping and massaging the chest. He had a session tonight and has another one tomorrow morning.

But what about me? Well, I took my guitar to a guy in France to have the pickup looked at – it’s not working right. He had to keep the guitar, which is fine, but what wasn’t fine is that it took me two hours to drive the 30-minute journey home. In fact, I didn’t even come home in the end as I decided that the traffic was so bad that I might as well just go and wait at the forest creche to pick up Freya. And it’s just as well I did, for if I had have come home, I would have got caught in the traffic taking my secret backroad to Esch – I guess it wasn’t so secret after all. It’s the worst traffic I’ve ever seen, all because they’d shut off a bit of the motorway. For what, I don’t know – most likely nothing at all, judging from past lane closures I’ve encountered. It really is the most frustrating country to drive in that I’ve ever had the misfortune to, well, to drive in. It would make a good topic for a public blog post! Maybe I’ll do just that.

Oh, and I was listening to one of the Song of Ice and Fire books in the car. Awesome!