The Littlest Christmas Tree

Nursery Christmas Show from Cams Campbell on Vimeo.

Kinloch Menu

Click image to make it bigger. Looks tasty, huh?


Main course


Spectrum 48

Santa got it so right in 1984. I had a Commodore Vic 20 before this, but the Spectrum 48 with the rubber keyboard was where it was at. Hours of joy and hours of frustration and trying to get games to load off a tape player. And there were hacks, oh yes. Randomize User strings.

Load “” would make a great t-shirt logo as well. Heh heh.

Thank you letter from Santa

Dear Freya and Hamish,
Thank you very much for so kindly leaving those lovely biscuits. They were melted moments, unless I’m mistaken? They were beautifully decorated and I must confess that they were so tasty that I ate them both! Rudolph took the carrot for later as we got to your house quite early and he wasn’t hungry. Hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your presents. You’re both really good most of the time and deserve a great Christmas.
Till next year,

Christmas 2008

Here are a few photos from our Christmas day and yesterday (Sunday) when we were decorating the cake that Lorraine’s mum sent. The long-haired French dude is Sebastien, our au pair, who left on boxing day after six months with us.

We had a lovely Christmas day. The kids got a Thomas the Tank(en) Engine train set and a garage along with loads of cars. Freya didn’t wake up until 8 so we were quite lucky. Santa had left a few presents outside the bedroom door, including a Flip Mino camcorder for Lorraine, so we opened them before going down to see what Santa had left downstairs. Lorraine shot a lot of video on the Flip and we’ll hopefully get some online soon. It actually took a while to copy across to the computer, but hopefully that’s just because we were using the keyboard’s USB connector and it’ll be faster going straight in.

So, enjoy the photos and we’ll be back with video soon!

Christmas day 2007

Freya was poorly through the night on Christmas eve, poor little love. She was sick several times, necessitating two bed changes (ours and hers). She spent most of the day laying on the sofa, but thankfully she did perk up for long enough to open her presents.

I think we did not too badly, considering that we’re trying to fit as normal a Christmas as we can into the madness of packing to leave. Decorations were therefore minimal, but we did put up some tinsel and have a candlelit dinner. I had a pork chop and did roast potatoes and steamed Brussels sprouts, carrots and broccoli (well, you have to have sprouts, right?). It was rather good and we had a good feed, leaving the orange and cranberry Christmas pud until later on, round about Eastenders time.

So, here are a few pics that I shot in the morning. Enjoy!

2007 Christmas Photo

And finally, to finish the spate of posts, here is the photo that we have chosen for our annual Christmas card (or Holiday card for our American readers).

I’m picking up 70 of them hopefully next Saturday.


Christmas day, 2006

Advent Ark

Here’s a brief run down of our Christmas day with some photos. So, first up was the advent ark. Freya really enjoyed opening up the doors each day to see what animal was behind the door. Much more fun that a crappy advent calender. So, that finished yesterday.

Christmas Sock

I brought Freya home a new Christmas stocking on Christmas eve and she immediately recognised it as a “sock”, so I guess it’s her Christmas sock. We hung it on the bedroom door and she discovered it when she got up. She was delighted!

Thank you note from Santa

Then through to the living room where we discovered that Santa had indeed wolfed down his tasty mince pie and egg nog. He said to say that he enjoyed it very much and even had the courtesy to leave a thank you note!

Then it was time to launch into the presents. Our apartment is really too small for us to put up a tree that’s big enough to put presents under it, but we did a pretty good job I think.

Presents wise, we got lots of small gifts rather than one big one and I think that was the right way to go. She got a really nice jigsaw puzzle, a wooden pizza and some wooden fruit with a wooden knife and a chopping board. There was also the descant recorder in C, which is a proper instrument and not a toy. She’s had fun blowing it as loud as she can, so we’re having to teach her that she doesn’t need to blow quite so hard the whole time.

Freya with her recorder

Hamish had a fun day too. He got his first ever Christmas present brought through to him in bed (I don’t imagine that that will ever happen again!) and enjoyed his frog dolly from Grandma and Grandad.

Hamish with his frog

In the afternoon we sat down and watched Monsters Inc. and really enjoyed it. What a great movie! Thankfully we had the foresight to record it as Freya asked for it again on Boxing day.

Merry Christmas Hamish!!

So that just about wraps it up for this year.

Christmas Eve

We decided to take a family trip into Luxembourg City to visit the Christmas market this afternoon. We don’t get to do much together very often and, since the sun was shining, it seemed like a good idea.

Freya had a go on the merry-go-round, but got a bit upset after a minute or so, so Daddy jumped on to the rescue.

We had a banana coated in white chocolate, some sweeties and some gingerbread. It wasn’t until I took the pictures with Santa that I noticed the big E on the camera’s display. E, no doubt being for Error. None of the pictures had written to the card, so I reseated the card and that seemed to fix it. But by then we were on our way home. So all we got were a few pictures with Santa and a couple of pictures of Hamish. Better luck next year I suppose.

Nativity scene


T’was the weekend before Christmas, and high time indeed to get the nativity scene set up. The stables are there all year round, jam packed with wooden animals that Freya really enjoys playing with. The nativity characters are a new addition. We cleared away many of the non-suitable nativity animals (I myself was chided when attempting to include a hippo) and organised a treasure hunt around the living room. Freya took great delight in finding the nativity characters hidden under and behind various bits of living room furnishings.

Where shall I put these?

We had a lot of fun setting it up and Freya really enjoyed herself. She doesn’t really get what it’s all about yet, but she can certainly sense that something is happening and is getting excited. She said a couple of weeks ago that she “wanted to go to Santa”.

She also enjoys pointing out all the Santas that are hanging from the wall’s of people’s houses on the way to and from the forest creche. When I was young we counted Christmas trees, but now there are Santas hanging off the walls all over the place.

Putting Jesus in the manger


We’ve struggled really hard to keep a mince pie fully in tact so that we can put it out on Christmas Eve for Santa. I was planning to get some more from Little Britain tomorrow, but the word on the street is that they’re close to being sold out. Hopefully they’ll have a nice Christmas stocking too, as Freya doesn’t have one. Shocking, huh?