Psalm 139

Music that fits my mood…

Gillean came round last night and we talked for a couple of hours. She helped me a lot. It has been a remarkable few days and I feel that I have grown. I wanted to know how to pray and it was great to have Gillean there to help. My good friend Michael also helped a lot on Monday night. And stupid me thought on Sunday that Michael wouldn’t be able to help. That’s what can happen when I’m spiralling down.

Gillean sent me a Psalm to help me pray and find a quiet moment:

Psalm 139

Lord you search me and you know me
you know everything I do
from far away you understand all my thoughts
you see me whether I am working or resting
you know all my actions
Even before I speak
you already know what I will say
you are all around me on every side
you protect me with your power
your knowledge of me is too deep
it is beyond my understanding.

Testing iPhone app

Just has the minister round to see about having me confirmed. It should be some time in March. The photo is the nativity at church last year. Freya was the star carrier.