Hamish: Mum, do you know the difference between laptops and computers?

Mum (pretending): No

Hamish: Laptops can move, they have lids and you can put them on your lap.

Conversations with a 3-year old

F: Just macaronis, okay? I open the fridge and I want to like just macaronis.
M: Why do you want macaronis?
F: Jipuz I like to eat it with my macaronis. Eat it in my mouth.
M: Do you want macaronis for lunch?
F: Yes.
M: Well, it’s not lunchtime yet. You can have a biscuit now if you want.
F: A cracker. I got a good idea. I can have a cracker on my macaronis.

Conversations with a 3-year-old

(Whilst peeling an orange for Freya to eat)

F: That’s the peel.
M: Yes, you have to peel the peel to eat it.
F: Yes. Peel the peel.
M: What other kinds of fruit do you have to peel?
F: I don’t know.
M: How about a banana?
F: Oh, yes. And oranges. I like oranges best.
M: Best of all?
F: Yes. Best of all. And you like bananas best of all.
M: Oh, do I?
F: Yes. Because I’m a giraffe.
M: Oh! Do giraffes like oranges?
F: No, giraffes eat grass.
M: Oh, do they? What other kinds of animals eat grass?
F: Cows eat grass. I like hippos.
M: Oh, do you?
F: Yes. I like white.
M: What, white hippos?
F: No, grey.
M: Oh, grey hippos.
F: Yes.
M: You don’t eat hippos, do you?
F: Noooooooo.
M: There you go (handing her the orange) … (say) thank you.
F: You’re welcome.

Quip of the day

Freya: Close your eyes and look at me!


Conversation of the Day

After reading Karen’s post about the new Beatles Love CD [formerly on Vox, which is now defunct], I was inspired to add it to my shopping trolley on my Saturday trip to Cactus.

I figured it was high time that Freya was introduced to the Beatles, so I played it for her in the car on the way to the forest crèche today. Here was the conversation:

Daddy: This is the Beatles, Freya. D’you like the Beatles?
Freya: No, I like the Ladybirds.
Daddy: What do they sing?
Freya: I don’t know

So, anyone know of a band called the Ladybirds? Perhaps I ought to start one myself. Anyway, it had me laughing out loud.

I’m a hippo

Here is a conversation between Lorraine and Freya from this morning that had us cracking up.

Freya with hippo
As I was feeding Hamish this morning, Freya was happily playing with her horses. “This is mummy horsey and this is baby horsey,” she was saying.

I just thought I’d teach her a couple of new words, and so I told her “A mummy horse is called a ‘mare’ and a daddy horse is called a ‘stallion’.” Immediately, her inquisitive mind came up with a question:

“And what’s Hamish?” “Hamish isn’t a horse,” I replied (in a silly billy tone of voice). “You’re not a horse, are you?!” “No,” she said. “I’m a hippo.”