Should I try MarsEdit again?

Back in the day I used RedSweater’s MarsEdit to post to this blog so that I could write in Markdown. Ironically I’m looking at it again now, but to go the other way.


Well, I like writing in the native WordPress posting window. It’s got so much better over the last year with the Gutenberg blocks and all that, but I can’t get posts OUT of WordPress to sit nicely in my DayOne journal, so I was wondering if I could use MarEdit as a way of converting WordPress code into Markdown, maybe with BBEdit or Atom? But so far I haven’t been able to figure it out.

Brett Terpstra’s Slogger used to be good for getting blog posts in DayOne, but I got way into the weeds with Slogger too many times. I’m not a developer and spent way too much time typing sudo this and sudo that and eventually I gave up and started using IFTTT.

So, I’m now wondering if there is a way of using IFTTT to get my blog posts published into DayOne with RSS? Hmmm. I’m going to give that a try.

Still, MarsEdit is kinda cool for browsing through and editing blog posts once they’ve been published, editing tags and all that sort of stuff. I didn’t install it through the App Store though, so I can’t get an upgrade price. V3 doesn’t install from the downloads on Redsweater’s site.


Oh no, IFTTT has gone subscription only. Aaargh. Ah, but I can do it with the Standard account if it’s an applet that someone else has created and put in the Explore section. Thank you, Funky Penguin, whoever you are!

Right, I’m going to test it with this post, but the real gravy will be if it works properly with posts entered directly in the WordPress CMS.

Except I’m NOT going to test it with this post from MarsEdit, because I don’t have a licence. I’ll have to copy and paste this into the CMS. Wish me luck!

DayOne scripting →

I just set up Brett’s Slogger to post automatically to DayOne whenever I put a picture on Flickr or create a post on here. And it worked! I’d never used If This Then That [IFTTT] before and it’s helluva good. D. Sparks talked about it on the last episode of Mac Power Users, but I hadn’t got round to checking it out until now. And holy scripting, Batman — it’s awesome!

I can see DayOne become a tremendously useful thing for me now, whereas before it was just incredibly useful.

I’m not sure how to figure out the scheduling thing to get the script to run once a day, but I’m guessing it can’t be that hard?

I’m especially excited about having daily posts of my stats.

But now I really am going to have to decide on what platform to use. It’s a fight between Google+, Flickr, Tumblr and 500px right now. I should probably go with Flickr for now since I’ve got a paid account there. I just don’t like the site. Although to be fair, I’m hardly visiting the site at all. I’m uploading from Lightroom with a plug-in and now posting from Flickr to DayOne via Dropbox with IFTT.

I’m constantly amazed that this kind of stuff works!