Arran update

Monday’s the big day: deadline time. All the bullshit we’ve had to go through to get to the stage where we could put in an offer was pissing the vendor off and so finally she put a deadline on getting our offer in. It was mainly down to the bank manager dragging his feet and being incompetent. But finally he called on Friday night at 8 pm to give us the valuation that his mate, the surveyor, had come up with.

The asking price is offers over £90k and the surveyor valued it at £85k. So we have to decide what to offer by Monday and then get onto our solicitor first thing. We’ve got until noon.

I suppose in the grand scheme of things, 5 grand is not a big premium to get the change of lifestyle that we so desperately want, but we’ll be stretching ourselves rather thinly and every little helps.

We’ll ask the solicitor for advice. It could be that we’ll have time to offer 85 and up it to 90 if it gets rejected.

It’s a scary time in our lives and I really could do with a big drink right about now. <sigh>

Wish us luck.