Day One

On Monday I grabbed one of my old handwritten diaries off the bookshelf to look back on ‘this day in history’. As I began reading, I had the brainwave of inputting all that data into Day One. Then I thought I could add in scanned concert tickets. Then I thought I could go through my old hand-written calendars. And how about photos? And could I finally get round to getting Slogger to work with my tweets, and a bunch of other social services?

Of course, the danger is that I’ll get caught up in this project and lost myself in the past to the exclusion of the present.

Well, I’ve addressed that. I’m going to ensure that I write at least one long-form entry for each day that I put in historical data.

While I was waiting for my flu jab yesterday, I added a picture to Day One from my iPhone and it asked whether I wanted to make the entry for the day on which the picture was taken AND add the location data! That’s a KILLER feature!

I shared about my new project at last night’s AA meeting and, as I did, it dawned on me that this could be part of some Step 4 work, possibly even sharing some of it in Step 5. Imagine doing a Step 5 all with Day One on an iPhone!? Cool!

I’m extremely excited about this project. It’s the kind of thing that I would have loved back in the day. One of the historical entries I copied last night was from a typed entry done on my old Smith Corona electric typewriter. At the time I was excited about being able to store diary entries on a data card for that machine! That was 1996.

So Excited!