Clementine player for OS X

Leo Laporte recommended the Clementine Music Player on MacBreak Weekly a few weeks back and I’m very glad that he did. My CD library is ripped to FLAC. This was a choice I made after much deliberation. It offers the combination of lossless compression and cross-platform compatibility. It fits in well with my Squeezebox players at home and, on the PC, I was using WinAmp to play these files. On the Mac side I’ve been pretty much using my iTunes library and, when I wanted to listen to something that was in the larger FLAC library, I’d use Songbird. But Songbird was horrendous to use: it’s crashy, buggy and hangs all the time. So, when Leo mentioned Clementine, I jumped at the chance to give it a spin. And I can wholeheartedly declare that I like it! I haven’t learned all of its features yet, but for simply playing FLAC files, it plain old rocks!