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I’ll huff and I’ll puff and …

I finally got a home from work on a Saturday afternoon before 4pm and it wasn’t raining! Lorraine is busy working to a deadline and so I got the kids dressed up and off to the beach we went so that Lorraine could have an hour-and-a-half of peace to get on. It’s just so cool to be a mere minute from the beach and have such great views. Living the dream my friends.

Freya decided that she wanted to play the Three Little Pigs so we took turns to be the Big Bad Wolf. Each picnic or bench seat along the front was a house, but not only did we have straw, stick and brick, we also had sand and mud houses too. She’s an imaginative wee thing is M’Lady. Anyway, this is a shot of her huffing and puffing and trying to blow my house down because I wouldn’t let her in, no sir, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin. In her version though, she managed to blow the brick house down as well because the Big Bad Wolf had super strong huff and super strong puff. I didn’t stand a chance.

I was thinking of putting this photo in for the TWiP (This Week in Photography) contest. The theme for the current contest is red and the prize is a copy of Aperture AND Lightroom as well as three books (they went a bit nuts on the most recent TWiP episode [#22]).

I used Scott Bourne’s Velvea action to give the photo some pop and, as Scott puts it, visual acuity, and it really worked quite well.

Freya’s 4!

It was Freya’s fourth birthday yesterday and we had a lovely day. More pics to follow (thank goodness for Lightroom and exporting cos I haven’t had time to visit the blog for a long time!)

Big Pupils

I took this one while Freya was having fun getting her picture taken. I love the sharpness of her eyes and the big pupils in this. Even though it’s not the most flattering of pictures, it really captures her personality. I did some split toning to add some of my personality and I think it has come out rather well. What do you think?


Catch Light

Here’s a grabshot of Hamish and Freya together. I like the catch light in Hamish’s eyes. I’d heard of catch light in various photography podcasts that I listen to but wasn’t too sure what it meant. This picture illustrates it quite well I think. I’m getting much better shots with the SB800 external flash. All I need now is a 70-200 VR lens!

2007 Christmas Photo

And finally, to finish the spate of posts, here is the photo that we have chosen for our annual Christmas card (or Holiday card for our American readers).

I’m picking up 70 of them hopefully next Saturday.


Blue sky

Blue Sky

We went out for a walk to the park yesterday and I took my 50mm lens and tripod to do some shooting practice. I shot about 300 images and kept 45. This was my favourite one.

A good day at school

I took the camera with me today when picking Freya up from playschool. She brought out this little smiley face and handed it to me when she came out, then went on to tell me that they played at animals. I guess she had a good morning!

The sandpit

This is Freya playing in the sandpit at the forest crèche around 6.30 when I went to pick her up. She said that she was making a cake.


Little girl

I took our Freya out to the park today and tried out the 50mm f1.8 lens to compare results with yesterday’s. I got this nice shot just as we got back to the apartment, taken at the top of the stairs. I’m still having trouble getting sharply focussed shots for some reason but this one came out okay.

Schoolbag Trial

This must be the schoolbag that we bought for Freya the day before in Esch. This is her getting ready to start précoce (nursery school in Luxembourg).

Freya trying on her new schoolbag.