Birthday Party

Zoë, Freya and Victoria

David and Hamish

Freya was invited to Hannah’s birthday party to celebrate her 4th birthday last Sunday and it was a lot of fun. Of course, I took my D70s to make it more fun for me and give me something to hide behind, plus it gave me a chance to try out my new flash (Nikon SB-800) – it’s quite versatile and easy to use but it’ll take me a while to figure it out. For some reason almost ALL of my shots were underexposed, but shooting RAW means it’s a simple job to fix them all in Lightroom. I guess my ultimate goal is to get it right in the camera and not have to rely so heavily on post production.

The party was a lot of fun and Freya enjoyed seeing a lot of friends who have since left the forest crèche and moved on to bigger schools. Hannah’s mum did a great job of organising the party and had them playing all sorts of games. The kids were all down in the garage where there was a big table set up with cakes and drinks and the adults were upstairs in the sterile room. Honestly, it looked sterile as it was soooo clean and filled with expensive furniture – I think it’s a typically Luxembourgish way to live – almost like a showroom house. The cakes for the grown ups were very very nice indeed though, I have to say. Needless to say we spent most of the afternoon down in the garage.

Here’s a link to a gallery of my photos: PHOTO GALLERY OF HANNAH’S PARTY