Lightroom previews at 1:1

So I’ve changed my Lightroom previews to 1:1 to see what happens now when I add them via Mars Edit.

Clover and Poppy

Aha, it goes in at 600x401px. I wonder what kind of code I would need to put in to add a caption… One for the forums I think.


How about a gallery of pics?

DSC 0073

Hmmm. Multiple pics cannot be selected. And what about the Section field? What’s that all about?

There is an option in Style > Customize to media markup templates with variables. I’m guessing I could add a caption variable there if I could figure out what field in LR that would be. Or even just have a caption variable that I can edit in the HTML when it appears in the editing window of Mars Edit. That would certainly be no worse than doing it directly in the WordPress UI.

Kinda fun this!