Staying with paleo when you’re poorly

Fresh Loaf

I woke up yesterday with one of my headaches. This one was a blinder. But, it being Sunday, I tried really hard to take pain killers to dull the pain enough so that I could function. It didn’t work.

Fast-forward to Monday morning. It was worse. So I stayed in bed, gobbling down meds and dozing. The pain started to subside in late afternoon, so I got up. I was soon feeling hungry, but I was hankering so bad for some fresh bread with a thick layer of butter and a tin of Heinz minestrone soup. Just as I did back in the drinking days when I was hungover.

So I thought to myself, ‘can I justify having some gluten just because I’m poorly?’. Lorraine had just taken a fresh loaf out the break maker and the smell was wafting around the house.

I didn’t though. I stayed strong.

I’ve heard from a few paleo followers that taking wheat after a long period of abstinence can make you feel rather ill, so thinking of that was enough for me to continue to abstain. I had a plate of grilled gluten-free sausages, bacon and fried eggs instead.

But then, boy oh boy, I had the strongest urge to eat chocolate that I’ve had since going paleo. There just happened to be a packet of Double Deckers in the fridge and I got as far as taking one out and reading the ingredients label (yep, gluten) before I put it back and opted instead for a couple of squares of Lindt 85%.

So, as I sit here at 9 p.m., feeling as fragile as if I’d had a bottle of Scotch the day before, I’m quite pleased that I managed to stay faithful.

I hope to God that this headache is gone tomorrow.