Weekly last.fm charts, featuring Howard Jones

Had a bit of a Howard Jones fest this week. I really enjoyed his music when I was younger, particularly the Humans Lib album. I used to listen to that one a lot on my personal stereo whilst out on my paper or milk round.

I also listened to some Beautiful South, something which I hadn’t done for a while. I haven’t been following them for a while now so there may well be more albums since Painting it Red. I should check as I really enjoy their bitter sweet lyrics and northern English style.

Paolo Nutini is a relative newcomer from my home turf (west of Scotland) and his debut album has a really nice raw quality to it. I hope he remains true to the muse.

And speaking of Muse, I just dig them. They really are a great band.

There’s also some Floyd in the mix this week. I used to be a bit obsessed with the Floyd and fancied a bit of Saucerful through the week. I also just bought the iTunes plus version of Ummagumma today so expect to see that in next week’s charts! Grantchester Meadows is a great song to be sure.

Led Zep is a rare musical area where my and Lorraine’s tastes overlap so we listened to Houses of the Holy on the way back from a horrendously bad Scottish/Irish celebration in Ettlebrueck. That was followed by some Housemartins, which is always good for some in-the-car listening. (and yes, my iPod scrobbling is working again – using the official last.fm client and the latest iTunes – yay!)

I listened to some Carter USM through the week whilst editing some photos — the 30 Something album. A great blast from the past.

And the Orb? Meh. I find it a bit boring now to be honest.

Top Artists this Week (see more)

30 Sep 2007 – 7 Oct 2007
 1Howard Jones
 2The Beautiful South
 4Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
 4Paolo Nutini
 6Led Zeppelin
 7John Lennon
67Pink Floyd
 9The Housemartins
 10The Orb

Enjoy the Howard Jones tune. This was my favourite from Humans Lib.