New lens (50mm f/1.8)

After listening to many episodes of The Digital Story podcast, reading up on my D70s and then, the icing on the cake, the forgotten lens article, I decided today to go out and see if I could get one. Well, I did: a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Autofocus Lens.

Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Autofocus Lens

I think I’m really beginning to understand the differences and correlation between aperture, shutter speed and ISO. I actually used aperture priority mode on my camera today for the first time! That’s where this shot came from – I set it to aperture priority, set the aperture to f/1.8 and shot this image in RAW in a real low-light situation. I haven’t adjusted anything in Lightroom/Photoshop; this is how it came out the camera. The shutter speed was 1/30 (I guess that is selected automatically in aperture priority mode) and the ISO was 450 (again, auto selected). I find it really quite amazing how well this image came out with no flash in such low lighting. I think I’m really going to dig this lens and learn a lot about photography and composition by using it. It was a little more expensive than I was expecting (around 130 euros) but not a great deal at all compared to what some lenses cost.