I got the job!

I had my interview for the role of Subpostmaster of Brodick Post Office last Friday in Ayr. They recently changed the procedure for Post Office applicants from a traditional interview to a presentation. I was actually the first applicant that the interviewers had had as part of the new format so they were rather curious themselves about how it would work. Thankfully I’m reasonably experienced with presentations so I wasn’t too nervous and knew roughly how much prep work was required. I decided not to rely on any slideshow technology and went old-school with a printed handout and a transcript all neatly bound together for each of the two interviewers. We came out feeling confident that we’d done well and then got ready to head off to the Isle of Arran for a five day trip.

Whilst I was sitting in the bank manager’s office on Monday afternoon, my mobile rang with a message to call the interviewer for the results. So we headed off down to Brodick shore with the Post Office at our backs and the beautiful landscape of Goatfell and the Firth of Clyde spread out before us. I made the call and got the good news that our application was successful! So all the months and months of hard work and planning have paid off!


The next hurdle to cross will be finding rented accommodation. We found one place that would be perfect, about three miles from the Post Office, 4 bedrooms, two minutes’ walk from the beach and off the main road. What more could we want? We had an interview with the landlady on the mainland on Wednesday and are now waiting to hear back from her after she’s interviewed the remaining three parties. We’re not actually that confident that we’ll get it, as she said during the interview that she personally knows two of the three other interested parties, but I guess you never know. If it doesn’t work out, it will be quite difficult finding something else, given that we’re in Luxembourg and the fact that the rental market on Arran is geared towards short-term summer lets.Here’s the house we’re after:

Nice, huh?

So, now that the application is done, it’s time to start clearing out the clutter and getting rid of stuff on eBay.