Freya’s new school bag

Freya starts précoce the week after next and we got her school bag for her today. She brought it home, filled it up with her hand-knitted cakes, some socks, her slippers and some wooden sausages. These are what she wanted to bring with her for her packed lunch in town. She insisted on wearing the bag around town too, and, even though she complained after a while about the weight, she was stoical and carried it around until we got back to the car.This shot of her is quite sharp and is a good one of her first day with her new school bag I thought. Hope you enjoy it!

Oh, and today was her last session at Little Gym and it went really well. She even did a fully rolly polly completely on her own for the first time. A memorable day to be sure!

Hamish’s first day at Little Gym

Hamish on Little Gym Day

It was a big day for Hamish today. Thank to the thieving gits that nicked his Maxi Cosy car seat, he got to move up to the bigger forward-facing seat today, which means I can put the mirror up and see him in the back now as I’m driving.

And he had his first session of Little Gym today! It was really great fun. He’s a bit wobbly for his age and so it’s good that he’s getting out to have contact with other babies and get some gym work in. Today was all about body parts. It really took me back to when Freya first started going. She’s been going since she was about 9 months I think and started as a Loupiot. Hamish is a Petit Bous (whatever that might be), so a beginner. There were about eight of us there and hardly anybody waiting outside. Freya’s group on a Saturday morning is choca, so it was a refreshing change. It was also nice not to be in a rush like we always are with Freya. Hamish’s class is at 2.45 pm so I pretty much go straight from dropping Freya off at crèche so that H can get a sleep on the way there.

It was great just spending some time with Hamish on my own and being able to give him my full attention. He’s such a lovely little boy and it was heart-warming to watch him laughing and enjoying himself. He was as good as gold and we had a lot of fun. I remember feeling a pang of sadness as Freya moved up from being a Loupiot to Mini Pouss, as my wee girl was growing up. Sounds daft, eh? Anyway, it’s nice to be going through it again with Hamish.