I blogged about the whole process of moving to Arran and actually enjoy having that as a record. But for some reason I haven’t been keeping track of the house move. It’s a similar feeling in terms of the scale of the thing, and again I’m leaning on spiritual means for solace. However I didn’t cope well last week at all.

Firstly, Lorraine’s been at the end of her rope with a deadline. So I’ve been doing the school run and a whole lot else besides. Monday was a bank holiday and that threw things a bit too, but that was compounded by my having to take my mum back to Prestwick on Tuesday. Then there was the gigs on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, and the feeling of letting people down during show week and the strange feeling of not being in the show and wishing that I was. So I was left on Saturday with a feeling of guilt at having not followed through on my commitment to help with front-of-house and having done a stupid thing at work when someone called and I killed the call and then left it off the hook. It turned out to have been a friend on the phone. but did I promptly admit that I was wrong? I sort of did with the phone call, but didn’t follow through in person. Hopefully no harm was done. But apologise to the show people for FOH? I just couldn’t do it. So much for working the programme. 🙁

Oh yeah, and I got put on cholesterol pills for the rest of my natural. Perhaps not such a good time to try and come off the anti-depressants, but that’s what I’ve decided to try and do anyway.

But wasn’t this supposed to be about moving? Well, the long and short of it is that, after a very stressful week, we found out at half four on Friday afternoon that our mortgage application had been approved! So tomorrow morning it’s phone the solicitor and sell the shares. Imagine if the stock Market were to open really high tomorrow!

We’re planning to move on 1 August. Fingers crossed it’ll all go smoothly, but experience tells me otherwise. We shall see…