Folks came to visit

My mum and dad came to visit today and it was wonderful to see them. My mum has had MS for many years and is more or less completely immobile now. My dad also is not in great shape and is constantly hooked up to an oxygen bottle. One of my mum’s carers and her husband brought them over in their black cab. It’s big enough to get my mum into in her wheelchair and my dad had his folded up. It’s about 40 minutes to the ferry from where they live and then an hour’s crossing so it really was a big day out for them.

Freya was excited about them coming so we set off to meet them from the ferry around 11 this morning. We went straight to the Post Office and I showed them round my little shop and it was really nice that they were able to see it. Bear in mind that my parents have not visited my home ever because I’ve pretty much lived abroad for the last 10 years since I finished university. In fact, the thought came to me as I waved them goodbye that it is the first time ever that I’ve waved goodbye to them from my own home. It’s always been the other way round right up until today!

After the PO we came back to the house and had some lunch and then retired to the living room to watch Freya painting her my little pony and having a blether.

It’s always inspiring to see my folks and how they cope but particularly when they show that they can still make trips like today.

Thanks for coming mum and dad!