Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman

His novels and he are mentioned a lot on a few of the podcasts that I listen to and I decided to give Anansi Boys a try. I got the audiobook from Audible and this one is narrated by Lenny Henry. I enjoyed it immensely and will definitely be consuming some more of Neil Gaiman’s novels before long.

This one is about the descendent of Anansi, the Spider God. His descendent, Fat Charlie, does not know that he’s descended from a God to begin with. He’s just a regular schmo working for a firm in London and dating his fiancée. After he hears about his father’s death, he attends the funeral and that’s when strange things start to happen.

Lenny Henry was the perfect choice as narrator for this novel. A lot of the characters are Caribbean in style and he does the accents perfectly.

The novel is funny, clever and engaging. Four stars.