Grumpy Bear

Man, what is happening to me? I got a call to go out and play with Nick the Gardener yesterday at his house. Now Nick is a fantastic player. I’ve played with him a couple of times and really enjoy his playing. He doesn’t play conventional straight up-and-down cowboy chords and I love his style.

But, I was all humphy because I was having to go out on a Sunday night. However, when I got there and I’d got over my initial lack of self esteem, I had a terrific night. I could get a lot out of playing with Nick. In fact, I’ve just finished playing my mandolin on the back of my enthusiasm and had a great time working on Steve Kaufman’s Celtic workout.

But back to the grumpy bear. As you don’t know, Monday night is practise night with Mike. Mike is one of the nicest people you could hope to meet, as well as being a very good player and a great singer. But I got home tonight and was thinking ‘I hope he doesn’t’ call, I hope he doesn’t call’, but he did call, and nobody was home but me, so I just let the answer phone pick up. And he very graciously supposed that I was busy because of Halloween and said we’d get together another time. And then I was like: ‘I know I should call him back’, but I didn’t.

And yes, it’s Halloween. Lorraine said there might be guisers coming round, so I made myself a plate of food and sat in my cave with the lights off watching the Wire, just in case anyone came round and they would think there was nobody home. You see? That’s what I’ve become. Although in my defence, I did actually answer the door when kids came round while I was cooking, and it wasn’t so scary.