Norman Lovett’s slideshow

I’d never been to a stand-up comedy gig and quite fancied giving it a go. I saw that Normal Lovett, famous for his role as Holly in Red Dwarf, was doing a gig in Luxembourg City last Monday night and the reviews were pretty good, so I got a few mates and we went along.

I’m a fan of deadpan deliveries, so when I read in the review that he made Jack Dee look like Ken Dodd, I was all for it.

It was rather a strange gig as it happens. It really was a slideshow. Norman brought along two carousels of slides and just talked his way through them. The images themselves were rather dull and not particularly well taken either, but with Norman’s deadpan narration, they came to life. It was mostly shots of different towns and “landmarks” across the the UK. I put landmarks in quotation marks as they were not landmarks in the traditional sense, but rather those things that were Landmarks to nobody but Norman (chewing gum on pavements, inconsiderately parked sports cars, a Volvo estate with funny stickers on it, that sort of thing).

All in all it was a fun night but nobody was rolling around the aisles.