Piece of my Heart, Peter Robinson

I finished this book a couple of months ago and haven’t written about it. I was given it by a Belgian/French friend of mine in Luxembourg not long before we left for Scotland. He’d read it and thought that I would enjoy it as it’s set around the theme of a murder at a rock festival and mentions such notables as Pink Floyd and Led Zep. It is two murder tales in tandem, one set back in the 60s and one in the present day. Obviously there is a connection, and it is the job of the present-day detective, whose name escapes me for the moment, to figure out the connection in order to solve the crime. Naturally he achieves this, and I don’t see it as a spoiler to say so since it would be rather a different detective novel if the crime were not solved by the end!

I read the bulk of this novel whilst watching Windows XP reinstall twice on the au pair’s computer and failing to rewrite the drive with the Ghost image that I took originally. Those updates are unbelievable now.

Anyway, I did enjoy the book in the sense that I cared enough about its development to read it to the end, but it was in no particular way a memorable read, other than because of the author’s attempt to include rock-n-roll superstars in the plot.