Habit Trackers in a TWSBI Large Notebook

Habit tracker drawn out in A4 notebook

I’ve spent most of the morning researching habit trackers. I’ve found a pre-made one that looks like it might work, the Clear Habit Journal from BaronFig, but it’s expensive. I think I would do better to work on my own version. I was doing weekly habit trackers for the month of February and it worked, but setting it up every Sunday was becoming a chore.

Week 7 weekly habit tracker in A4 TWSBI notebook

It’s a work in progress. Much as I love the look of the BaronFig notebooks, I have to spend £60 to get free shipping. Otherwise the shipping costs £20 and comes from the USA with USPS; that means Parcelforce on the UK side. After the JetPens order’s having taken over two weeks to get to my house from Glasgow (a two-hour journey!), I’m not super excited to order from BaronFig.

I’ll see how March works out, but I’m pretty certain that I’m going to do a two-page landscape spread for April and get a bit more creative with it. As I said, it’s a work in progress!

Hobonichi Techo Avec

I actually tried using my Hobonichi Techo Avec and was hoping that it would work out because I love that little book, but I just have way too many trackers to make it work. It’s a real shame. I’ve already pretty given up on my Hobonichi Weeks. It’s rather an expensive business figuring out the analogue tools that are going to work for me.

My daughter’s having great success with her STÁLOGY A6 and has taken to bullet journalling like a duck to water. I knew she would though, and it’s a nice thing to be sharing with her.

Speaking of STÁLOGY, I placed an order for a B6 pad today, and way too many other things as well. The B6 will be my daily journal, once my Silvine hardback A5 notebooks are finished. I started my current one in 1998!