Testing MarsEdit

I heard about MarsEdit on the latest MacBreak Weekly. Merlin recommended NetNewsWire and then Leo mentioned that MarsEdit was now hooked up to Vox. There are a few things I don’t like about typing directly into the Vox interface in my browser:

1. There’s no preview function

2. If the browser crashes or I inadvertently close the tab, the post is toast (it’s happened — I use Firefox)

3. Cutting and pasting from words gives me funky line feeds in the browser.

4. If I put an image in my post, the cursor disappears and makes it difficult to enter text in the right bit of the post.

So perhaps an external editor and publisher is the way to go. MarsEdit is Mac only and I don’t use my MacBook very often, so, if I like the idea, I’ll need to seek out something similar for the PC. Any suggestions?