DayOne scripting →

I just set up Brett’s Slogger to post automatically to DayOne whenever I put a picture on Flickr or create a post on here. And it worked! I’d never used If This Then That [IFTTT] before and it’s helluva good. D. Sparks talked about it on the last episode of Mac Power Users, but I hadn’t got round to checking it out until now. And holy scripting, Batman — it’s awesome!

I can see DayOne become a tremendously useful thing for me now, whereas before it was just incredibly useful.

I’m not sure how to figure out the scheduling thing to get the script to run once a day, but I’m guessing it can’t be that hard?

I’m especially excited about having daily posts of my stats.

But now I really am going to have to decide on what platform to use. It’s a fight between Google+, Flickr, Tumblr and 500px right now. I should probably go with Flickr for now since I’ve got a paid account there. I just don’t like the site. Although to be fair, I’m hardly visiting the site at all. I’m uploading from Lightroom with a plug-in and now posting from Flickr to DayOne via Dropbox with IFTT.

I’m constantly amazed that this kind of stuff works!