Can’t export from Vox

I’ve been running a Vox blog for a couple of years and would really like to break free and get my content into my own domain. Square Space seems to be the way to do that. Of course I have my Hostgator reseller account and the swatch of WordPress templates that I bought and they are great. So why spend more money, especially when things are so tight? Good question.

I’d like Lorraine to add content as well and WordPress is just too geeky for her. Although I’m not sure that she would add content even if it were the easiest thing to do.

I’d also like to get my content moved but is there really any point? It’s now pretty much defunct with no new content having been added for a long time (other than the live Twitter updates).

And I also do not have the time that I once had for playing around with these things, more’s the pity. So all in all, Square Space seems like a really good solution for getting me back in the game and enthusiastic about posting content. I hardly ever update Vox now, but that’s partly because of the bad feeling of having my content locked. It was great for a while because of its social networking aspect, but since I’m not really taking part in that any more, I’d be far better posting content to my own domain.

And speaking of domains, that’s something else I have to think about. Do I get a new domain? If so, what? is available! Hee hee.

At the moment though it’s all a question of money. I’m paying for a reseller account, I’ve got WordPress templates and I could get something new and funky up and running with no extra monthly cost. But will I? I don’t much care for WordPress’s interface, even the latest verison. So chances are I’ll just give up and let the inertia take over again, which is a shame as I have things to say and content to move.

Help me, Squarespace!