Cams’ beliefs

Things are afoot. I’m in a pretty good place. It’s the music and the location. Arran has always been a place of magic for me; I always think back to the night when I finished reading London Fields that night in Hamilton Terrace. The magic and peace were are strong as I’ve ever felt that night. And now I sit looking out at the wind blowing the trees and it’s all still there.

I got down for a long time about the music. I wasn’t playing much at all. Too much too do; too tired; too busy. But now I’m in a bluegrass band with a bunch of great people and we just had our first gig and it was great.

And I’m off the Tramadol. I’m saying a lot of prayers these days, real proper prayers for guidance and help with tolerance, patience and acceptance. It seems to be working and I know that the more I do it the more it works. I feel like getting off to bed now for a prayer and to listen to some music.