Quick update on the Arran move

Just a quick one as I haven’t written about the move to Arran in ages and I know that some of my hoodies were interested.

I start the new job at the Post Office on 30 January. That’s the day we take over the business. I’ve got two weeks of training in Glasgow before that. We’re moving from Lux on 7 January. My brother is bringing a 7.5 tonne truck over and we’re doing the move ourselves. He’s bringing it from Rosyth (Scotland) to Zeebrugge (Belgium) on 3 January, arriving in Zeebrugge on 4 Jan (it’s an 18-hour crossing). Then we pack the truck and leave on 7 Jan to arrive in Scotland on 8 Jan and then the ferry to Arran on the evening of 8 Jan. We’ve got the house on Arran all sorted out pretty much. I got the phone line installed (that was fun, trying to get that done when nobody was in the house – thanks to our soon-to-be-new neighbours it worked out). Next thing is to choose an ISP (I’m going with one of the Entanet resellers as they have no restrictive fair-use policies and plenty of bandwidth and a good reputation for 20 quid a month). Got to order a phone and a modem and some filters.

The au pair is also sorted out and has booked her flights. A nice French girl called Rachel. She’s staying until the summer and we’ve almost chosen her successor (a German speaker).

I’ve scanned LOADs of paper into my SnapScan and shredded. We’re selling/chucking lots of stuff. Some boxes are already packed. We just got an Epson V750 scanner to scan boxes of old photos so we can chuck them. Freya is enrolled for nursery.

Now we only have a few weekends left and they are filling up fast with farewell visits. It’s tough as that is the only time we can properly pack anything. Just one of those things I suppose.

Lorraine STILL hasn’t handed in her notice and will not be doing so for a few weeks yet. We’re worried that it would jeopardise her end-of-year bonus so we’re leaving it until the last possible minute (20 Dec, or Dec 20 for our American readers ;)). So this will still be hood only.

Hamish has awoken. I’d better go. Not long to go now and we’re getting excited!