Austin Sheerline

I have some photos of my dad’s old cars that he owned as a young man. This one here is an Austin Sheerline and some info gleaned from a fellow photographer on Flickr.

Info thanks to Flickr user

The car is an Austin A125 Sheerline; it has a Glasgow registration from late 1950 to early 1952, according to . The Sheerline was Austin’s first post-war big car design, although the exposed P100 headlamps hark back to the luxury cars of the 1930s. Although well-polished, the car is perhaps showing its age in that one windscreen wiper is missing! It had a 4-litre 6-cylinder engine (Michael Sedgwick and Mark Gillies, in A-Z of cars, 1945-1970 (2010 edn.), p.24, call it a “poor man’s Bentley”), so it would have been quite expensive to run, but large cars were a better second-hand proposition in the 1950s than they had been earlier (or have become since), with the road-fund licence ceasing to be related to engine size in 1948 and not being related to engine size/emissions again until much more recently; cars did not, of course, have the complex electronics that can make modern cars very expensive (or even impossible) to repair and indeed until 1960 there was no annual roadworthiness test for older cars so that minor failures (such as that missing wiper) could be overlooked; mileages were usually lower than now so that the cost of petrol mattered less (I’m unsure whether petrol was cheaper in real terms in the 1950s than it is now).

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Location Prestwick, Scotland

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