Testing MarsEdit

I just downloaded a 30-day trial of MarsEdit, a blogging client. It’s hooked up to Vox and to sunbane.com so I can do dual posting without having to copy and paste. I’m not sure whether it will be all that useful, or at least useful enough to spend actual money on it, when I can copy and paste for free. It does have plenty of other features, so it may be that some of the other features will make it worth actual money. We shall see.

Let’s see how it handles the uploading of images.

Right, it uploaded to sunbane, but it doesn’t do that neat little thumbnail thing that you can do in the browser when posting to a squarespace account (which sunbane is).

I’ll see what happens when I post this same post to Vox. It’s put the image URL in so it should display fine. I suppose since it’s data-loss and the locked-in nature of Vox that prompted me to get sunbane in the first place, it would make more sense to host images on sunbane too.

So how would I do links? That’s something I do a lot in blog posts. It must be achievable in MarsEdit. How about a link to Stephen Fry’s blog (which I thoroughly enjoy reading). Ah, select text, right click and there’s a neat little option called paste link. It seems to have worked.

I also spotted in the context menu several other mark-up options. For example, this paragraph should be a block quote.

I’m sure there must be shortcut keys too, but that’s for another day. It’s past 9 o’clock and I try to limit the learning of keyboard shortcuts to between the hours of 9 a.m. and 12 noon.

By the way, and just spent a tenner on the premium service for Spotify to see how it would work on the iPod touch. The most attractive feature for me, what with the iPod touch being an offline or wi-fi device, is offline playlists. I’m downloading some of my playlists to the device now, whilst listening to the Waterboys Dream Harder over wi-fi. The sound quality is mince. Maybe it was just a poor choice of album for the test. Let me try something else…

Ah yes, Yello, Oh Yeah from my ‘guid stuff’ playlist. Quality is better. So how about something else over wi-fi?

Revolting Cocks, Fire Engine (from Cocked and Loaded – I’m constantly surprised at what can actually be found on Spotify; that’s another large part of its attractiveness). Yeah, this sounds all right quality wise, as well as content wise. It’s a shame that a tenner a month is out of my realm of affordability right now. How come this service wasn’t available when I had loadsa money to throw at tunes?

Right, let’s see how this looks on Sunbane, then a double post to Vox and then I’ll try another post with an mp3 embedded and then a YouTube video.