The bastards nicked my TomTom

Lorraine came back in from her appointment today and asked me where the baby’s car seat was, assuming I’d brought him up in it yesterday. But I hadn’t. When she got to the car, the door was not closed properly and the contents of the glove box were strewn all over the passenger seat.

Uh oh.

True enough, the Tom Tom Go 700 had been nicked out of the glove box, the windscreen support was gone and the charger cable. The baby’s seat was gone too. But the headphones were still there, and Freya’s big car seat, and both my and Lorraine’s Bolle sunglasses.

So I started thinking that maybe I hadn’t locked the door properly. There was no sign of a break-in, or at least so I thought. So I was put off reporting it for fear of looking like a right dunderhead for not locking it. And the bizarre thing is that I didn’t think to check the locks to see if they had been forced. We always use the buttons on the key fob to lock and unlock the car, so it was only by chance that my fingers felt a jaggy bit when I opened the door to bring F home from the crèche. “Yes”, I shouted to myself (because it meant that I wasn’t a dunderhead after all). I came home and Lorraine called the polis, who said we should take the car along and report it. So I put on my brave face and headed on out myself (brave as I’m constantly in fear of being forced to speak French, which I can do if pushed, but poorly). Thanfully, I got a friendly chap who spoke English a lot better than I speak French. Turns out that we were the 7th report of a break in in our area between last night and this morning. The bastards. We do have fully comp insurance so hopefully they will cough up *something* to replace the GPS, and pay to have the lock replaced too. Life without a GPS would be inconvenient. Thankfully the iPod wasn’t in there, as that would have been a darn site more inconvenient, particularly given the rumours of a Gen 6 iPod before the WWDC. But I digress.

So I guess we’ll be looking at the TomTom 910 then – tasty.