The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, Haruki Murakami

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It follows the story of Mr Okada, a seemingly ordinary fellow at the outset but his life becomes weirder and weirder as the story progresses. My favourite chunks were the stories of Lt Mamiya. It’s kind of built up of different people’s stories, all of which affect the protagonist and leads to his becoming much more self aware.

It’s a somewhat quirky tale that is quite unlike anything I’ve ever read before. It grabbed a hold of my attention like a thief in the park and kept a hold of it until the end of the story. I normally read fantasy or sci-fi so this is a bit of a step outside the box for me and one that I’m very glad I took. I’m recommending this to pretty much everyone I know and for good reason.

Thanks to Steve Betz for the recommendation!