Trip to Grevenmacher

We took a picnic with us to Grevenmacher, a Luxembourg town on the Moselle, which forms the natural border with Germany. The Moselle is Luxembourg’s wine region and home to the Bernard Massard caves. We weren’t there for the wine though, we were there for the butterflies!

Grevenmacher is also home to the Jardin des Papillons (Butterfly Garden). We’ve been there a few times, twice I think with Freya when she was much smaller. Now that she’s three, it seemed the right time to take her back again and she had a GREAT time!

May 2005

May 2007

Here are two photos to compare how Freya and Lorraine looked then and now. The first one was shot on 15 May 2005 and the second one today. That’s quite spooky – five days out from being exactly two years!

We took a picnic lunch with us and ate that out on the picnic benches before we went inside. It was a lot of fun.

And here’s a nice shot of me and Freya from inside the gardens:

We then went back along the road to check out the park that we passed on the way and it turned out to be really great. Freya has no trouble at all getting tore in about the big slide with all the bigger kids. She’s really quite adventurous for her age and seems to know no fear. I guess her going to the crèche in the forest every day has contributed a lot to her being so adventurous and fearless.

And Hamish had fun on the little slide too!

When I told Freya it was time to go and to make this her last go on the slide, she said “no I want to go this many times”:

I want to go again and again and again…

She’s a trier, I’ll give her that! We listened to Anouar Brahem on the way home, which was really nice and got Freya down to sleep not long before we got back home. Figures.